"Searching for Light" 2014

Searching for Light

In 2007, Raivo Hein purchased a ticket for a space flight. This film has two main characters – Raivo Hein and the Universe. Raivo is deeply attached to outer space. He is a successful amateur astronomer, takes wonderful photographs of the cosmos, which have been published in a book, and has held exhibitions.

This is a film about Raivo Hein, a successful internet businessman, amateur astronomer, adventurer and journeyman. About both an idealist and a materialist at the same time. About probably the first Estonian astronaut, because he has the ticket to Sir Richard Branson’s spaceflight on SpaceShipTwo almost in his pocket. Raivo believes in science, in the common sense of man, and in the bright future of mankind. He believes that a thousand years old man has already been born today. But is there anyone who would like to live that long? This film talks about a man’s search of his path, about balancing between spiritual and material reality. Thoughts on the future of mankind, on the mystery of life and the universe. Arthur C. Clark already believed that the future of mankind lies in the space. Raivo Hein feels the same way.

Heini Drui
Rein Kotov
Pille Rünk
Documentary / 63 min /
Domestic release date September, 2014
"Searching for Light" 2014