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Film Estonia production incentive supports the production of feature films, feature documentaries, animation films, animation series, high-end TV-drama and the post-production of all beforementioned works. An application can be made for international production service or co-production to receive a cash rebate up to 30% on eligible production costs.

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Tartu Film Fund (South-Estonia)

The Tartu Film Fund is budgeted at 150,000 euros annually.

Local film production companies providing production services for international film projects are eligible to apply for funding. Under the scheme, the rebate for a single project is 10-20% of eligible expenditure incurred in the Tartu area. This will be issued once production is complete if all of the requirements established by the fund are met.

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Viru Film Fund (East-Estonia)

Viru Film Fund’s annual budget is €200,000 for the co-funding of feature films, documentaries, TV series, and music videos filmed in Ida-Viru County.

Viru Film Fund offers a cash rebate by refunding up to 40% of your local production costs.

The application period lasts from February 10th until October 31st. The funding decision will be made within 30 days.

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Saarte Film Funds (Islands)

By supporting professional filmmaking and -studies Film Fund of Estonian Islands invites filmmakers to exploit their audiovisual creativity to the islands in Saare County.

Film Fund of Estonian Islands co-finances both Estonian and foreign feature films, documentaries, TV series, music videos and film studies, bringing our fascinating cinematographic islands closer to the filmmakers and audience.

Established in 2019, Film Fund of Estonian Islands has a size of 10 000 euros.

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In addition, we have…

/ experienced, professional & English-fluent crews /

/ talented & internationally recognized creatives /

/ versatile locations in short distances /

/ wide range of equipment available /

/ highly developed digital back-office possibilities /

/ competent & internationally experienced legal counsel /