"The Call of Silence" 2015

The Call of Silence

What’s a person’s life like without hearing? No traffic outside, no dogs barking, no music, no birdsong… Is this world a world of unbroken silence? Is that mental space, devoid of constant irritants, therefore spiritually more receptive – say, to the voice of God?

Margit, Vitali, Raivo and Riho are deaf; they’re devoted Pentecostals. Having once felt the touch of Christ themselves, their aim is now to spread the message. From one deaf person to another. The task is enormous, as there are over 346 million people in the world who are completely or partially unable to hear. „The call of silence” is a story of Margit’s, Vitali’s, Raivo’s and Riho’s journeys in the most distant and exotic locations in the world – from Kazakhstan to Greece, from Russia into China. What is their message? What joys, hardships and risks does their missionary work bring?

Marje Jurtshenko, Liina Triškina
Madli Lääne
Meelis Veeremets
Ivo Felt
Documentary / 58 min / DCP / 5.1
Domestic release date January, 2015
"The Call of Silence" 2015