"To Breathe as One" 2013

To Breathe as One

Music changing destiny.

Singing, politics and world change. Not your typical combination, but in Estonia choral singing has taken on an identity far greater than cultural expression. It has evolved into a core cultural identity that has been used to shape history for the past century, and longer. To the Estonians this is unique phenomenon is as natural as appreciation of wine is to the French. Laulupidu is the acclaimed, one-of-kind Estonian song festival where 30,000 singers grab the stage and sing several days to an audience of hundred thousand… in a country about a million! The festival, founded in 1869, is world renowned among choir singers. Beside that, Laulupidu is about much more than song. The festival has had political implications for centuries. James and Maureen Tusty, primary filmmakers, and Piret Tibbo-Hudgins, Estonian producer of the nationally lauded and award-winning documentary feature “The Singing Revolution”, are producing an one hour documentary on the music and history of Laulupidu. This film will cover 1869 – 2009 with a backdrop of world events behind the story.

James and Maureen Tusty
Director of Photography:
Bestor Cram
Piret Tibbo-Hudgins (Allfilm, Estonia), James Tusty (Sky Films, U.S.), Bestor Cram (Northern Light Productions, U.S.)
Documentary / 55 min / HD / 16:9
Domestic release date August, 2013
"To Breathe as One" 2013