"All Musicians Are Bastards" 2012

All Musicians Are Bastards

Director Heleri Saarik’s debut feature All Musicians Are Bastards is a visual love letter to music. In her fondest dreams, this film’s main character Leila (Riina Maidre) is a resplendent singer. In reality, however, all her energy and talent is spent on relationships that eat away at her soul, mind-altering substances, and glamorous showing-off.

Heleri defies the rules. By playing with the possibilities of the art of film, she takes the viewer to an uneasy universe where the boundary between reality and illusion is incredibly thin. This is a world that is familiar to everyone who at some point in their life had to grow up and admit to themselves that dreaming is not enough on its own. And who have regardless of that chosen dreaming.

Nero Urke plays Leila’s unpredictable boyfriend and Jarek Kasar acts the music producer suffering from a creative impasse. A number of Estonia’s young generation of musicians like Mihkel Kõrvits, Lotte Jürjendal, Helina Risti, Andres Lõo and others play secondary roles.

The on the one hand dreamy and on the other hand coarsely realistic cinematography of the film is by Erik Põllumaa. Production designer Kristina Lõuk created the second hand paradise surrounding the characters. Costume designers Helina Risti and Lotte Jürjendal journeyed down the paths of psychedelic glamour. The film’s producer Piret Tibbo-Hudgins has also brought Mushrooming to the viewer.

This film is full of good Estonian music from start to finish. Composer Tõnis Leemets composed the music for the film and in addition, the music of Jarek Kasar, Riina Maidre, Andres Lõo, Technological Sun, Sequoia 7, and so on, is also heard.

Director & Scriptwriter:
Heleri Saarik
Erik Põllumaa
Art Director:
Kristina Lõuk
Jaak Ollino
Piret Tibbo-Hudgins
Riina Maidre, Nero Urke, Helina Risti, Lotte Jürjendal, Jarek Kasar
Feature / 90 min / HD / 1:1,85 / 5.1
Domestic release date October, 2012
"All Musicians Are Bastards" 2012