"Rat King" 2012

Rat King

Rat King  is a film about a teenager getting lost in a virtual world. It’s a thriller with horror elements on how a computer game turns into life and life turns into a game – how addiction to games turns into a nightmare.

18-year-old Jury is hopelessly addicted to computer games. Being pressured by family and friends, he finally decides to give up the virtual world but unexpectedly Niki shows up with an irresistible computer game where the goal for the player is to fulfill missions in real life.

Regardless of several warnings, Jury enters the game. In order to achieve faster results,  Niki takes over Jury’s everyday life and together they reach higher levels in virtual-and actual world. The borders between the two lives fade furthermore, the mystery remains, what is the actual goal of Niki’s game and is it a game at all?

Director and Scriptwriter:
Petri Kotwica
Mika Orasmaa
Art Director:
Jaagup Roomet
Sound Designers:
Ivo Felt, Seppo Vanhatalo
Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg, Ivo Felt
Making Movies & Allfilm
Max Ovaska, Julius Lavonen, Maarja Jakobson, Külliki Saldre, Kene Vernik
Feature / 90 min / DCP / 1:2,35
Domestic release date January, 2012

 “Rat King” festivals:

  • Tribeca Film Festival 2012, New York City, USA
  • Shanghai Int. Film Festival 2012, China
  • Espoo Ciné 2012, Espoo, Finland
  • Tokion Suomi-viikko 2012, Tokio, Japan
  • Yksi Kaksi Filmi 2012, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Festroia 2012, Portugal
  • Kotimaisen elokuvan viikko 2012, Finland
  • Jönköpings Filmfestival 2012, Sweden


  • Schlingel IFF for Children & Young 2012, Chemnitz Germany
  • Nordic Film Days 2012, Lübeck, Germany
  • Oulu Int. Children and Youth FF 2012, Oulu, Finland
  • 30. Int. Young Audience FF Ale Kino! 2012, Poznan, Poland
  • Pietarin Suomi-viikko 2012, St Petersburgh, Russia
  • Brussels Int. Festival of Fantastic Film 2013, Belgium
  • 16th Kristiansand Children`s Film Festival 2013, Norway


"Rat King" 2012