"8 Views of Lake Biwa" 2023

8 Views of Lake Biwa

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Eight lake views of the Japanese art tradition translated into the language of the longings and desires of Old Believers at Lake Peipus.


Observing a Russian Old Believers village by the shore of modern-day Lake Peipus, through the frame of the Japanese artistic tradition of 8 views, this series of intertwined tragic love stories illuminates how we have all lost touch with the soulfulness of the world.
A devastating accident drowns many of the village’s children and pushes the surviving inhabitants into a cascade of tragic consequences. Even in a community self-isolating from progress, their art and magic are fading. Christian and animistic faith are neglected and rituals harnessed for selfish purposes.
Archetypal characters fluidly change roles between the views, but the teenage Hanake is ever-present: a child shifting toward adult needs, she embodies the central theme of innocence lost and everything abandoned along with it. While we explore playfulness and intimacy across generations, it is crushing grief, ambition and a dogged fatalism that drive events toward a final reckoning with nature itself.

Marko Raat
Ivo Felt, Dora Nedeczky
"8 Views of Lake Biwa" 2023