Allfilm has joined forces with 3 other Estonian production houses and Estonian Film Industry Cluster to build the biggest studio complex in the Baltic sea area.

Production hub called Tallinn Film Wonderland is set to open in the end of 2018 in Tallinn’s Kopli district. The aim of the joint venture is to offer a unique blend of opportunities to develop local film industry as well as to improve export potential and cooperation between companies close to the industry.

Although foreign production companies have already discovered our beautiful nature, historically multi-faceted architecture and experienced and hardworking teams we were missing proper indoor facilities that could accommodate high quality production needs.

With exciting and varied locations, good indoor facilities and 30% of cash rebate for foreign productions, we are looking to make Estonia the next hotspot for film production in the Baltic region. KFTV recently caught up with Allfilm’s partner Ivo Felt for some more insights.