The film was made in cooperation between Estonia, Great Britain and Germany. ”The Last Sentinel” stars Kate Bosworth (“Superman Returns”), Thomas Kretschmann (“The Pianist”), Lucien Laviscount (“Emily in Paris”) and Martin McCann (“’71”). The author of the script is Malachi Smyth, producer of the film is Ivo Felt (Allfilm).

Movie was shot in Tallinn in the fall of 2021.

After serving two years on a military outpost in the middle of an ocean – four soldiers are waiting for a new crew to replace them. When the long-awaited boat finally appears, it’s empty with no relief on board. When trying to find out what happened to the boat and the missing crew, they realize they’ve lost all communications with home. Cut off from the rest of the world and no one coming to get them, Baines, Sullivan, Cassidy and Hendrichs must fight with suspicions about each other and find a new way to get home. If home still exists.

The production of the film has been supported by the Estonian Film Institute and the Estonian Cultural Fund, the production has been financed by Tallifornia and Ichiban Films. The film is distributed in Estonia by Hea Film.

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