"Portugal" 2018


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“Portugal” is profound and smooth like a summer night. It is a physical progression and a mental journey towards something other than a mere geographical location on a map.

This adventurous love story with comical elements is a feature film debut for acclaimed Estonian actor and stage director Lauri Lagle.
Karina and Martin have been in a blooming relationship for some years and share a son Patrik. While planning a family holiday trip in a trailer house, they both discover that things are not as as they seem. Suspicious arouse and tension grows, life takes quickly intensively emotional and messy turn. Suddenly Karina drops everything and takes off alone with a trailer.
The path of the love between a man and a woman is playful and mellow and thoroughly human. It is full of mistakes and the possibilities for new beginnings and colorful characters who all share one common goal – finding happiness. The story touches on different phases of love and dissects the paradox of how to love a person for who they were and for who they’re becoming.

Director & Screenwriter:
Lauri Lagle
Erik Põllumaa
Ivo Felt, Tiina Savi
Mirtel Pohla, Margus Prangel, Taavi Eelmaa, Jarmo Reha, Anne Türnpu
Domestic release date 2018

“Portugal” festivals:


  • Locarno International Film Festival 2017, Switzerland
    • Top First Look Prize
"Portugal" 2018