The short film “Mai” has attracted a lot of international interest. By the beginning of May the film had already been selected onto 15 film festivals.
Some of the biggest would be Leeds Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival (Junior Category) and Lybeck Nordic Film Days. This spring it will also journey down to Brussels Film Festival, River Film Festival in Padova and 30 degrees Festorial in Portugal. Agnes Logina, the producer of the Latvian festival 2annas says that “Mai” often evokes a strong reaction from the audience. She believes it is due to the film´s theme that touches a broad audience.

The short film tells a story about Mai, who finds herself alone in the last bus to the city with 2 drug addicts, one of them in a quickly deteriorating situation. Failing to win the attention of the driver or the fellow passengers, she decides to intervene herself.

Director: Maria Reinup
Director of Photography: Ivar Taim
Art Director: Kristjan Suits
Editor: Jaak Ollino
Producer: Evelin Soosaar
Cast: Saara Kadak,Aleksandr Žilenko, Stas Kljutsnik Pääru Oja, Indrek Taalmaa, Aleksander Eeri Laupmaa
Domestic release: January 23rd, 2014
Running time: 16 min