Estonian Film Institute (EFI) chose two Estonian films to receive the production grant. One of them was “The Poet and the Spy” by Toomas Hussar.

Two films that will go into production this year are “The Poet and the Spy” by Toomas Hussar and “Days that confused” by Triin Ruumet. “The Poet and the Spy” is the second feature for director Toomas Hussar. His debute film “Mushrooming” was a huge success and won the Best Estonian Film of the Year award in 2012. In his second film Hussar gets even more bold with his trademark- genre mixing. His “spy movie” includes a lovestory, juxtaposition of power and the free mind, patriotism and betrayal and all sorts of interpretations of identity and moral. Jan Uuspõld and Rain Tolk are starring.