“Heartbreaking, in black and white, with stunning tableaux vivants that lead you to a forgotten genocide.” De Filmkrant 5***** (out of 5) – monthly Filmmagazine

“Perhaps the perfect visualization (…) filmpaintings that take your breath away.” Trouw 4 **** (out of 5) – Daily newspaper

“Sophisticated mix of film and photography (…) stunning tableaux vivants.” NRC 4**** (out of 5) – Daily newspaper

“Visually stunning piece of art (…) The realism as well as the liveliness of the scenes are strengthened by the sound effects.” Het Parool 4 **** (out of 5) – Daily newspaper

“The choreography is clever, the narration is supple; the sound and the music complete the images splendidly.” De Volkskrant 4**** (out of 5) – Daily newspaper

“Impressive account of the Russian holocaust.” AD 4**** (out of 5) – Daily newspaper

“Impressive, modest cinema with beautiful original soundtrack.” Cinema.nl 4**** (out of 5) – cinema-site

“Deserves a place in the top 5 of must-see-films. Tears of emotion, for this film-jewel.” Cinemagazine.nl 5***** (out of 5) – cinema-site

“Exceptionally esthetical.” Indebioscoop.com 5***** (out of 5) – cinema-site

“Sit through the end-credits and enjoy the hypnotically melodical Estonian hymne Ohtu Ilu; an enthralling choir version.” Filmtoaal.nl 4½ ***** (out of 5) – cinema-site

“As the film progresses, the picturesque, black and white images crawl deeper and deeper under the skin; a film of timeless beauty.” Filmvandaag.nl 4½ ***** (out of 5) – cinema-site

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