"Superbia" 2014


If you’ve been hit, one day you’ll hit back. If you aren’t loved, you won’t love anyone, either.

I have friends who have said they’ve never seen their father. In response I’ve said, don’t you have a mirror at home? Those who have a father call their naturally inherent bad character traits genes passed down from their parents. And they call their good traits their own. We need a microscope to find our parents’ good attributes deposited into ourselves through reflective neurons. Yet even without a microscope, the question arises: am I ready to be a father if my father inside me hasn’t dissolved?

Director and Screenwriter:
Martti Helde
Directors of Photography:
Erik Põllumaa, Sten-Johann Lill
Pärt Uusberg
Production Designer:
Kristina Lõuk
Make-up artist:
Liisi Roht
Jaak Ollino
Sound Designer:
Matis Rei
Elina Litvinova, Mirkka Maikola
Production Companies:
Allfilm, Von Krahl Theatre
Kaido Veermäe, Tõnis Niinemets
Short Film / 16 min / HD / 5.1
Domestic release date November, 2014

“Superbia” festivals:

  • Sleepwalkers, Estonia
  •  Kino Pavasaris, Lithuania
  • ECU The European Independent FF, France


  • L’Inconnu, France
  • NexT, Rumania
  • NexT Film Festival in Bucharest retrospective screenings Intersection 2015, Bucharest, Romania
"Superbia" 2014