"Legacy" 2012


“Legacy” is a documentary about the closed city of Sillamäe.

“Legacy” is a documentary about the closed city of Sillamäe. A city that Stalin founded for the needs of the first atomic bomb built in the Soviet Union. The local Estonian population was almost entirely relocated. The neoclassical resort town was virtually re-built for the new Soviet elite working in uranium enriching factory. The inheritance that period left is a complex one. The Soviet hegemony lingers on in Sillamäe, where the tiny Estonian population still strives to retain their identity. The film story evolves through the shared experience as the same theme looked at with the Russian and Estonian eyes. The basic conflicts are built with opposing cultures and on a more subtle level between the past and the present. The documentary investigates the multifaceted relationship between state and individual: how did the closed period condition life in the city today?

Eeva Jäntti
Rein Kotov
Pille Rünk
Documentary / 52 min / 16:9
Domestic release date February, 2012
"Legacy" 2012