"Hippodrome" 2022


Located in the heart of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, the Hippodrome used to be the centre of entertainment for all its neighbouring countries. For nearly 100 years, it has lured visitors with bets and races, and the chance to try their luck with the totalisator.
All that remains today of this majestic racecourse is a lonely horse stable. Now it is more of a social club than a prestigious racetrack. Animal lovers and sports fans still meet here despite the poor conditions. Bizarre parties and engagement photo sessions are held at the Hippodrome, and this is where the best Swedish racehorses are still trained.

This hypnotic black and white film is an ode to a disappearing era and a unique subculture in a place soon to be demolished to make way for yet another brand new office building complex in the city’s never-ending triumphal march of business-oriented real estate development.

Vladimir Loginov
Max Golomidov
Yuma Koda
Sound Designer:
Dmitri Natalevitš
Pille Rünk, Elina Litvinova
"Hippodrome" 2022