"Truth and Justice" 2019
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Truth and Justice

Estonia, 1872. The uncompromising new owner of Robber’s Rise must battle with hard work, his spiteful neighbor and with his own family and beliefs to transform the poor land into a flourishing farm of his dreams – to bring truth and justice to a god forsaken place.

Young and energetic man Andres together with his wife Krõõt arrives to his new farm bought on a loan to establish their new life. Robber’s Rise must become a place, that’ll take care of the family. Household needs a lot of work and consistency – battle with nature, fate and his spiteful neighbor Pearu begins. When life deals the man more sufferings than longawaited successes, the man searches desperately for truth and justice – from court, tavern and the Bible, sacrificing his family, friends and eventually himself in the process. Dream of prosperous and nurturing Robber’s Rise descends deeper and deeper under the shadow of reality.

The film is made the frame of EV100 Programme dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.


Director & writer:
Tanel Toom
Rein Kotov
Production design:
Jaagup Roomet
Costume designer:
Kristiina Ago
Make-up artist:
Liisi Roht
Mihkel Zilmer
Armin Karu, Madis Tüür
Ivo Felt
Priit Loog, Priit Võigemast, Maiken Schmidt, Simeoni Sundja, Ester Kuntu
Feature / 165 min / 2.39:1 / 5.1
Domestic release date 20th February, 2019
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“Truth and Justice” festivals:


  • Busan International Film Festival 2019, Busan, South Korea
"Truth and Justice" 2019