"The Mountains That Weren’t There" 2018

The Mountains That Weren’t There

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A documentary film that takes the viewer to the great stages of the sport of cycling. Estonians Tanel Kangert and Rein Taaramäe are the same age and both from the small village of Vändra. They are under the microscope as they both cycle in the top-level Astana Pro Team.

A cycling club was started up in Vändra in the early 1990’s at the initiative of cycling coach and enthusiast Erich Perner. Out of nowhere, this club has given Estonia and the whole world two extremely talented cyclists, mountain climbers – Tanel Kangert and Rein Taaramäe. Figuratively speaking, they are neighbours with very different characters, but talent, perseverance and diligence have taken both of them to the top. But what is the price for all this? Tour-de-Vändra is a film in which peripheral low-lying landscapes meet world famous mountaintops. This is a film about the price that has to be paid in the name of being a top level athlete, the flipside of the medal, so to speak. At stake are ambitions in sports and the desire for victory on the one hand, and setbacks and the ruinous effects on the athlete’s health on the other hand. Is it all worth it?

Director & Screenwriter:
Ivar Jurtšenko
Taavi Arus
Indrek Soe
Taavi Arus
Pille Rünk
Documentary / 70 min / HD / 16:9 / 5.1
Domestic release autumn 2018
"The Mountains That Weren’t There" 2018