"The Circle" 2019
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The Circle

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To change the world, one needs to start within.

This is a dramatic story about thriving for utopia, and finally – paradise lost. We follow from start to collapse the 12 grownups that come together after years of dreaming to form a conscious eco-community. They leave their normal mainstream lives and homes behind, take their children out of schools and deconstruct the basic pillars of society as we know it. They start co-living in a half-derelict manor lot. First months in they enjoy a euphoric honeymoon state. After about 8 months they hit their first big crises. Conflict rises between the 2 queens of the community and all chaos breaks loose. The main characters are Riinu and Liina, the ideological founders of the commune. This is a classical power-struggle that is triggered by a love-affair between Liina and Riinu`s husband Marek. Although the affair does not last long due to a huge amount of emotional pressure, nevertheless the power-struggle escalates throughout the next 3 years and puts the community vessel to a lethal test on the verge of collapse. The pendulum of power swings to opposite directions, leaving the commune worn down by the dragging conflict. Families split up, both children and grownups suffer. It is a story about betrayal, families and friendships breaking up. Many give up their dreams and illusions that a new world with loving relationships and real cooperation is possible. In the end, as the conflict is not possible to resolve, the community splits up into two new entities, the “divorce” gets complicated by unresolved debts and financial difficulties and the co-owned real estate. The reason this utopia failed, is that we are always burdened by our past lives that we carry with us in a backpack throughout our journey, and unless we very carefully unpack it, the past traumas come to haunt us, our old behavior patterns destroy the relationships and the dream of a harmonious non-violent world slips away. The change needs to be within oneself, only then we can go and save the world.

Margit Lillak
Johanna Trass
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"The Circle" 2019