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One sunny summer morning, a crane brings a blonde and blue-eyed baby to the isolated Tammaru farm’s corral. The same afternoon, a black baby with curly hair is washed up on the same farm’s shore. Both girls are taken in and raised as one with the farm’s heir Margus. According to the centuries-old and strongly kept family beliefs, one day Margus has to choose one of them to continue the family’s bloodline with. A color-blind love-triangle starts to grow in the mystical world of Tammaru.

“Werewolf” is a mystical thriller with a fairytale atmosphere. Packed with absurdity and witty humor, it creates a magical film about love, family & traditions, tackling the issues of xenophobia and intolerance in a world turned upside-down.

Eeva Mägi
Kristofer Piir