"The Dance of Men"

The Dance of Men

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The story of a filmmaker who started to see himself as the Prince in someone else’s fairytale…

A comedy about the adventures of a world-famous filmmaker suffering a crisis of creativity turns up in the town to finish a commission about a recently departed great leader of the pharmaceutical industry, a man of Baltic-German descent. The filmmaker’s explorations take him to an undersea mine where mud is dug up as an important raw material for the factory. Here he discovers something amazing – he has fallen into a modern-day fairytale. There are seven mud miners and a beautiful young lady is hiding with them. The only difference from the fairytale
characters is that the miners don’t have the famous love of life that the dwarves did. The film-maker quickly decides that this story will make the plot of his new film, and entering into the story himself he falls in love with SnowWhite and takes on the missing role in the story, himself becoming the Prince. But unlike the viewers, he is unaware of the cruel reality; fate demands that the real Prince is out there somewhere, and soon our hero gets to find this out for himself.

Roman Baskin
Toomas Kall, Roman Baskin
Rein Kotov
Pille Rünk
Inga Salurand, Merle Palmiste, Mait Malmsten, Raivo E. Tamm, Rain Tolk, Tõnu Kark, Jan Uuspõld, Marko Matvere, Kaspar Velberg, Indrek Taalmaa
Feature / 96 min
"The Dance of Men"